About Bluran

About Bluran


In the modern world most of us live in a very busy and component efficiency and the term structure greatvalue. In such a reality it is very important to our domestic space organization, which will enable us to stay neat, organized and efficient, and our living environment will be designed and pleasant


Modern, efficient solutions are one of the tools that will help us in organizing our space


bluran Corporation manufactures and imports products designed to achieve these goals and to adapt the way of living your life. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and all over the house - bluran's products will make your life more comfortable, more productive and more decorated
Just as important - we want to know we put a reliable and durable product, that will keep up with our life and will serve us for years



Factory Doors porta line - Doors for kitchens and furnitures from bluran. The factory is located in Rosh Pina and uses technology equipment and raw materials for manufacturing the most advanced Doors: solid wood and veneer, laminate, polymer, aluminum, glass and more. There are 16 wood per door types and all models can be ordered from painting exposed - MDF European. All doors have a 5 year warranty


Bluran was established in 1991 as a private, family company and continues today in this framework. The company is specialized for over 20 years shoeing solutions for kitchens and furniture
bluran began operations with the marketing of the company's quality Blum Austria, which are based on business activity centers with a focus on smart solutions for storage and fitting furniture, and compliance with new standards in the industry. Over the years, growing product portfolio, and bluran became Representative of some of the leading companies in Europe in the field of professional furniture fitting, which : Elektra, Vouth-Sagel , Volpato , Wesco, Servetto , Caimiexport And - Eku


At the same time, bluran continues to develop and lead the aluminum and glass furniture. Our clients are the country's leading kitchen companies, carpenters and furniture manufacturers

Bluran company offers you a wide range of tools and professional services, under one roof, as part of the overall service to customers
Available four data centers across the country, where you can catch up on the latest in aerospace home organization solutions. In the past year we completed the construction of the Information Center Design Center, one of the centers of modern information and sophisticated in the country, which was built in order to show concretely the company's products for private as well as manufacturers, designers, architects and their clients

Three values ​​that guide the company's activities

Morality : Ensuring fairness in working with customers and suppliers, professional knowledge sharing, providing accurate, reliable information and compliance with obligations, ecological responsibility and attention to minimizing environmental damage


Service : Providing efficient service, prompt and courteous while maintaining professionalism, meeting deadlines and constant supply of products


Prosperity : Ensuring a high standard in choosing products and production processes, and the continuous development of professional knowledge, management practices and service channels. bluran believes in the ideology Win-Win: Creating a partnership between bluran, customers and suppliers, so that all parties would benefit from


The goal of bluran is to give you objective optimal product, service beyond expectations and comprehensive information available to allow selection of knowledge. To do this we innovate and change, continue to learn and improve and always looking for the next solution that will facilitate your life even more

We're here for you


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